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Objects and Textures: Fantasy
 Dundjinni Mapping Software - Forums : Objects and Textures: Fantasy
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Webmaster J.T.

Joined: 12/29/2003
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Posted: 10/07/2004 at 12:05am | IP Logged  

This is the begining of a FAQ for the Objects and Textures (Fantasy) Forum. It is a locked sticky topic. Moderators, please add to this post at your leisure. Include links to previous posts where appropriate. This will be a big help to our new Dundjinni users.

See also the Objects and Texures (Modern) Forum.

Q: What are the guidelines for posting art in this forum?
A: The main guidelines are:

  • Start a new topic for each new piece of art.

  • Use a descriptive subject (e.g. Giant Skull).

  • Feel free to update, comment on, and add similar art to the same topic, but start a new topic for different art (e.g. Leg Bone).

  • Upload objects to our server (as PNGs).

  • Do not violate anyone's copyright.

Q: What programs are used to make user art?
A: Here is a short list:
Paint Shop Pro -- http://www.jasc.com/ -- on Sale for $70!
Raster (pixel) based graphics program with some vector features. Good for all kinds of image editing. The background eraser is very useful for separating an object from its background, when making Dundjinni objects from photos. One quirk is that (at least in version 8), to save a PNG file with alpha channel transparency (the type required by Dundjinni), you need to save using the PNG optimizer.

Poser -- http://www.curiouslabs.com/ -- $199 download
3D rendering program designed especially for posable figures (including people). A wide variety of 3D objects are available both for free (especially see www.renderosity.com ) and for purchase (renderosity again, also www.daz3d.com ). Objects rendered against the default background and then exported as PNGs have transparent backgrounds, ready to use in Dundjinni.

DAZ Studio (beta) -- http://secure.daz3d.com/studio/ -- free
A 3D rendering program intended to compete with Poser. Studio is still in beta-testing but it's hard to beat the price.

Real-DRAW -- http://www.mediachance.com/ -- $55
A vectorial based graphic program. It's vector editing abilites are combine with a lot of 2d/3d effect like "light sources", bevel, transparency, shadows and so on. Most of those effects are texture based. It also allows bitmap editing. Mediachance offers a 30-day trialperiod for Realdraw. You can try out the full version before purchasing to determine if it's for you. Very intuitive and easy to use.

Texture Maker -- http://www.texturemaker.com/ -- $69
It comes with several very good tutorials that introduce you to making a variety of textures. There are additional tutorials available off their site, and the majority of them are easy to understand, and you can quickly begin making useful textures. It has a free trial period as well, though during the free trial the size of the textures you're allowed to save is pretty small. However, it does give you a good chance to learn how it works and see if it will do what you want it to do.

Q: How do I get my art made into a User Art Pack?
A: First, contact webmaster@dundjinni.com (with links to some images of yours in the forums that would be included), and ask if we are interested in making a pack. If we are, here are some guidelines for developing and submitting your art:

  • Have a theme. Have a name.

  • All files should be 32-bit PNGs with alpha-channel transparency.

  • Separate files into appropriate folders with ~properties files. Use the the User folders as a template.

  • Name files consistently. I cannot stress this point enough. This includes capitalization, pluralization, numbering, spaces, underscores, commas, placement of adjectives, and proper spelling. Consider the alphabetical order and how users will search for objects to use. The naming convention you use does not have to match what Fluid uses, but it should be internally consistent.

  • Include "-a", "-b", etc. in Cover, Floor, and Wall filenames.

  • Textures should tile seamlessly. Walls should have two or more versions. Floors should have four or more versions.

  • Objects should generally be "pointed" in the same direction (usually downward towards a player coming upward upon it).

  • For objects that will probably be snapped-to-grid, but are not exactly symetrical, it is often better to increase the image canvas dimensions to the next 200 pixel increment, e.g. make a 150x180 pixel image 200x200 with the extra space all transparent.

  • The Resolution for an image should also be a minimum of 200 dpi as anything less than that will look ok on the screen, but will print with less quality.

  • Rather than including many variations of an object, it is often better to break it into various components that can be combined in different ways. For container-type objects consider leaving "empty" spots that can be filled with any floor texture (e.g. water) rather than trying to provide all the contents yourself.

  • Engravings, carvings, cracks, etc. are often better as semi-transparent overlays than as part of a object.

  • Cover is great for random variation and especially appropriate for plants and small trees. Consider if you have overlooked potential cover groupings.

  • If you are really cool you could provide a 300x300 pixel JPG or GIF "box art" image. (See other User Art Packs for examples.)

  • ZIP it all up. Upload via an FTP account that we will provide.

Edited by danielpryor on 12/24/2015 at 6:51pm

Webmaster J.T.
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Dundjinni Master (Admin)
Dundjinni Master (Admin)

Joined: 04/15/2004
Location: United States
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Posted: 02/25/2005 at 5:54pm | IP Logged  

Cross-posted from the Tips forum FAQ:
Importing User Art:
Q: Can I drop the PNG files I download from here or create on my own into just any random folder in the Dundjinni file structure?

A: Nope, they need to go into a User art directory.
The default User art directory for the Fantasy genre is "C:\Program Files\Fluid\Dundjinni\Map\Fantasy\User".

More at: http://www.dundjinni.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=2862&TPN =1

Also, when downloading art from these forums, it's a good idea to edit the filenames to remove the prefix code that the forums assign to each uploaded file (the forums software does this in order to maintain unique filenames when users upload two different files with the same name). So, if you download something called FG5_CaveTroll.png, you should rename the file to CaveTroll.png.

If a series of files has alphabetical suffixes attached, such as PineTree-a.png, PineTree-b.png, etc., make sure to retain the suffixes in the filenames if you intend to use those images as a Cover set. See the in-program helpfile (hit F1, or check the Help menu) for more information regarding how Cover art works.
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